Werewolves of Wallbury


Werewolves of Wallbury is a game for 6-50 players, (Best with: 10-25 players) where the players are the villagers of Wallbury. Each player gets assigned a secret role. They are either a 'normal' human or they are one of the minority of werewolves. Unlike the humans the werewolves will get to know who shares their role.


During the game players will get killed. Players that are killed are out of the game, and are no longer allowed to participate. The humans win if there are no more werewolves in the game. The werewolves win if all other players are dead.

Basics flow

The game plays through alternating day and night phases.

Nighttime: At night all players go to sleep, meaning they close their eyes. The game will then ask the werewolves to open their eyes. Together the werewolves secretly (and silently) choose a player they will kill. The game will ask the werewolves to go back to sleep.

Daytime: Then a day will start with everybody opening their eyes. The game will tell everybody who the werewolves' victim was, and what their role was. The victim is now dead and no longer allowed to participate, that includes providing any information to other players. Then all remaining players decide together on one player that will be lynched on suspicion of being a werewolf. This player will also be dead and out of the game. Lynching is the humans chance to kill the werewolves.

Before the decision is made everybody gets a chance to speak their suspicions, and to defend why they should not be lynched. The werewolves' goal here is to try to misdirect the humans into killing one of their own. Once enough players have made up their mind about who they want to see lynched, a formal vote will be held. (Note: Though you are allowed to share your role, you are not allowed to actually show your role to other players. They might not believe you.)

On the count of three all players point to the player they want to see lynched. The player with the most votes will be lynched, their role will be revealed by the game, and they are now out of the game. The current mayor gets the tie-breaking vote. (See: Mayor) (Note: You can change up the method of voting as you please, to better fit the dynamic of the group you are playing with.)

Ending: After a player is lynched another night starts and the werewolves again choose a victim. Then during the day another player is lynched. This repeats until there are no more humans, or no more werewolves. The surviving party wins!


During the first day the players will choose a single player as their mayor. The mayor will lead the discussion on who will be lynched during the day, and they get the deciding vote in case of a tie. When the mayor dies, they get to choose who will succeed them.


One player will get the role of Seer. The Seer is a human and so will win if all werewolves are out of the game. But they get a special power. They will wake up each night before the werewolves, and get to see a single player's role. This is valuable information for the humans when deciding who to lynch. For this reason a seer who does not keep their identity secret will likely be the next target for the werewolves.

More Roles

There are many other special roles available. Some of these roles belong to the humans, some to the werewolves, and some have their very own goals. You can mix and match extra roles to keep the game interesting. You can see an explanation of each role on the role setup screen when creating a game.